Case Studies

case studies

When I first saw Brenda she was in a right mess. Her chin was on her chest, the only way she could look up was to hold her head up with her hand. To make matters worse she has had cancer of the left side of her neck and shoulder, the flesh in her neck and shoulder is no longer there, only the skin and bone remain, all removed by cancer operation.

She has had a MRI scan and showed me the letter from the consultant who said that the problem was general wear and tear on her neck vertebrae and there was nothing more they could do.

Her doctor had her on Amitriptyline and morphine. Even with these high doses of painkillers she was in constant pain.

Before first session

Before first session

As Brenda had been recommended to me I had to try and help her.

She was given a full body balance. There was obvious pain in her neck, also found pain in her lower back, backs of knees, calves and feet. All these areas were addressed and pain was relieved. I did a lot of work on her back and shoulders, her neck felt very strange to work on, I could almost touch her inner shoulder blade from the front.

At this point I noticed she looked a little dizzy, leaving her laid on table I got her a drink of water.  She sat up, looked in a mirror on the wall. This was the first time she had been able to look in a mirror without having to hold her head up with her hand – being able to do so brought about a few emotional tears.

Brenda after 3 Sessions

I have had three visits to Brenda so far. On the third visit Brenda told me she has stopped taking the Amitryptiline and her Morphine intake is down to half a teaspoon every 3 days, she hopes to eliminate this altogether as soon as possible.

On my fourth visit she has stopped taking all medication, she is completely pain free. She is improving on each visit.

On 25th May 2016 I bumped into Brenda in the supermarket car park. Her head was held up and she was buzzing with excitement.  The only time she has pain in her neck is if she rides her horse for too long and the weight of her riding hat makes her neck ache.

I had one very happy Brenda and she thanked me for the help and work I had done for her.

Bill Corbridge, VHT Practitioner 07949 834474

More case studies coming soon…

I suffered a stroke in 2010 and was admitted to the hospital from which I discharged myself and decided to seek complementary treatment, namely VHT. As a result I quickly regained use of my left hand side, which enabled me to walk, speak and play the piano. Over the next year I continued to improve until I was able to function normally. My colleagues frequently remark on the transformation that they are witnessing. Ray, Cambridgeshire.



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