UK Instructors

United Kingdom list of qualified Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) Instructors

All named here have completed the Equine Touch Foundation syllabus for VHT and are currently licensed to teach.

Equine Touch Foundation Director

Dr Ivana Ruddock, New Zealand

Director of Education is a qualified veterinarian, former researcher and anatomist who wanted to find a ‘different’ way to help humans and animals. After meeting Jock Ruddock in 1999, she became very interested in VHT and ET and developed modality for dogs ‘The Canine Touch’. Ivana is considered by all who learn under her as one of the most brilliant instructors as her passion for anatomical research and anatomy comes to the fore in every class she holds. Her accuracy and attention to detail have been influential in making certain that every instructor of VHT and ET is teaching exactly the same modality in a recognisable, disciplined fashion.

Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) Instructors

Jo Fernandez, London and South East England, UK

Head Instructor UK and Europe, has been the one responsible for keeping VHT alive and nourishing it in the UK when Jock. sick of the infighting and politics in the human CH world, turned his back on it and focused his life on horses. A Doctor of Cymatics and Bioenergetic Medicine and a qualified Radionics Practitioner, Jo has been with Jock since 1998 and is personally responsible for dragging him back into the human side of things, making him commit to teaching and developing VHT even farther. Over the past 10 years Jo has been at the forefront of regulation of modalities in the UK and as VHT director there has been highly instrumental in setting up the modules which are now the foundation of the VHT teaching for the world.  Contact Jo at

Lyn Palmer, South West England, UK

Lynn has been with ETF since 2000 when she hosted an ET course for Jock in Glastonbury. Disappointed with Bowen she tried out Jock’s VHT and the rest is history, overnight she became an addict, building her own clinic as well as an Instruction centre at her farm, and assisting Jock and Ivana teaching in the USA. In 2003 she became the first ET instructor in the UK and in 2008 backed up her teaching modalities becoming qualified in teaching Canine Touch and VHT. When not teaching throughout the length and breadth of England or popping over the France, Lyn runs a very busy Human, Horse and Canine Bodywork clinic at her farm in Meare as well as having a large home visit clientele throughout the county. Contact Lyn at

Kate Prowse, South East England, UK

South East England – In January 2005 Kate began her bodywork career working with ET on Horses before deciding to learn about their human counterparts and studying VHT. At first this venture was in the realization that knowing the human root of the horse work would make her better ET Practitioner and Instructor but on seeing the amazing results she was having on humans she continued her studies qualifying as a VHT Practitioner. Her quest to help her fellow man has taken her further to where she is now one of the only three UK qualified VHT Instructors. Kate relocated to Attenborough, Norfolk in 2021 but still continues some work in Essex. You can find out more on her website or contact Kate directly via
Helen Choma, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Helen joined the UK Instructor team 2022 having been an active VHT and ET Practitioner for many years.  A short bio will follow soon.  In the meantime, you can contact Helen 07745 587548 or by email to find out about courses coming up in her area.

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